Comments section on pages

Hi. I tried to post some comments on a couple of pages.

  1. First, it took me a while to figure out that I have to press “Post Comment” in order to be able to type a comment.
  2. Second, if I click outside the comment box, the comment box is no longer editable, nor are the Name and Email fields.
  3. Third, if I then, out of desperation, click the Post Comment button, I get a page that says I need to fill out the Name and Email fields and a link to go Back. If I press Back, I’m shown the page with the half-entered comment that can’t be edited, and the Name and Email textboxes can’t be edited.

In spite of this, I sent you some money. Enjoy, and thanks for your website!

Thanks for reporting this issue. It’s fixed now. And thanks for your donation :slight_smile: