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How do I update Postfix?

I am new to linux so please have patience with me :slight_smile:
i run Postfix 3.4.13 on Ubuntu 20.4 and i would like to upgrade Postfix to 3.5.9.
How do i do that?
If i run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install postfix, i get:
postfix is already the newest version (3.4.13-0ubuntu1).


You unfortunately have to wait for Ubuntu packages to be created.

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You can use one of the following methods to install the latest version of a software on Ubuntu.

  • PPA (Personal Package Archive)
  • Snap package
  • third-party software repository
  • Compile the source code

For Postfix, there’s no PPA, snap package or a trusted third-party software repository, so you need to compile the source code.

My recommendation is that you stay with the version in your current Ubuntu repository. Unless you are sure you need to use a feature that’s only available in the latest version, I don’t recommend upgrading Postfix to the latest version.