In desperate emergency need of paid support, but there is no contact info on the paid support page

Hi, I am having some real issues on my LEMP server.

  1. With modsecurity, when I test my domain by putting or ‘a’=‘a’ in my web browser, I DO NOT get a 404 error. In fact, it just goes strait to my homepage. So I really need @LinuxBabe to help me fix and understand modsecurity on my server, as It really doesn’t seem to be working properly.

  2. I also have installed and am successfully (I think?) running the pagespeed module. However, It doesn’t seem to be really speeding things up, or even properly utilizing the filters I have added to it. I really lack understanding on how filters work once you enable them, and it seems like some common filters really are having no effect on my nginx server. Do I have to somehow configure the filters to work with each other? How do I specify how filters work with each other and nginx. How do they even prioritize which tasks they do first, and which filters run in which order? All of these are part of the issues I am having on my server, and I really need a masterful second eye to take a look at my server and tell me whats going on.

I am willing to pay for your services @LinuxBabe , but on your “Paid Services” page, you didn’t list any way to contact you, or even pay you. I don’t have any contact info for you other than on your own forum. Would you please consider letting me pay your for you to look over my server and tell me what might be going on? Please let me know how to get you on board!

Thank you very much @LinuxBabe !

Dan Ran

Hello, I’m not @LinuxBabe, but I’ve found this in the ‘Read Me First’

If you need paid support, please contact me via email: [email protected]

Awesome! I guess I overlooked this. Thank you so much for this answer! Cheers!