iRedMail and Email Deliverability

Hello everyone, I followed the iRedMail installation guide and am having issues with legitimate emails being flagged as SPAM and possibly bounced. As I understood it, SpamAssassin was automatically installed and enabled by following the iRedMail installation for Ubuntu. I noticed today however that the process was not running…which now leads me to believe I may not have properly set up my email server to begin with. Is there a method to check the installation to make sure everything that needs to be running is in fact running? Also how do I manage the whitelisting/blacklisting of emails?

I’m sure these are basic questions and I apologize for my current state of ignorance.

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You don’t need to start the spamassassin.service in iRedMail. It’s taken care of by Amavis. You can read the following article to learn more about how to use SpamAssassin to block incoming spam.
Block Email Spam with Postfix and SpamAssassin Content Filter

Email deliverability depends heavily on IP reputation and domain reputation, which takes time to build. All my tips for staying out of the spam folder are explained in the following article.
7 Effective Tips to Stop Your Emails Being Marked as Spam

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Thanks for your reply! My email is not the trouble, it’s the incoming email that are being flagged as SPAM. Do you have any experience with MailCow? I understand that it has a better interface and is easier to use.

What would you charge to have a look at my servers (1 web server and 1 email server) and make sure everything is setup properly and perhaps give me some tips for maintaining the servers?

Thanks again for your reply!