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Iredmail Centos7


Is there an interest in switching from Iredmail to Iredmail Pro? please thank

you If so, is the migration complicated to perform? please thank you (I have an installé Centos7 Iredmail)

cordially Raphael

Starting at $499 for the first year

My opinion, the @LinuxBabe instructions look really good, if money is not an issue, yes get it. It will help support a good foss company from what I have read about iredmail.

Don’t forget to buy @LinuxBabe some beer for the instructions.

I Wish I had an extra $50/yr for the vps to run a personal free iredmail server.

from what I read on their forum.

iRedAdmin-Pro is an addition web-based admin panel to help you manage mail accounts and related stuff.

Without iRedAdmin-Pro, you can also achieve the same management goals with other SQL/LDAP tools (phpMyAdmin, MySQL command line tools, etc), no limitation at all. It’s Foss