Load Balancing and Site Changes, How to Change Website

Hey, I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’m having difficulty understanding some basic principles of load balancing multiple web servers. Basically I don’t know how you would edit a load balanced WordPress site or Web app.

Using your topology of 3 web servers with Galera cluster database nodes and a DNS load balancer like cloudflare, how would you make significant changes to the site?

Even if you use media storage and database offloading, when you update a plugin or change something significant you will have different sites depending on how DNS routes you.

I’ve read elsewhere some opinions on this, but am not sure. Do I basically use images/snaps of the servers to edit the site, then copy those and route to load balancer? Then decommission the old web servers?

You should add a local DNS record on your computer to resolve the website directly to the origin server, so you can bypass Cloudflare. This is only for site administrators and content authors.

Whenever you make changes in one WordPress site, such as publishing a post or installing a plugin, anything that’s stored in the database, it would be automatically be replicated to the other nodes, because you had set up Galera cluster.

That is smart and makes sense. Thank you for posting this!