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Did anyone successfully installed Postfixadmin 3.0.x + Postfix-3.5.x + Cyrus-IMAP-3.2.x ?
I have it running but some features like cyr_quota is not working on postfixadmin.

Suggestions appreciated.


I have never used Cyrus IMAP server. I use Dovecot and it’s working quite well with PostfixAdmin when it comes to configure user quota.
How to Configure User Quota in Dovecot & PostfixAdmin


Thanks for your answer. Anyway it is impossible to change to Dovecot.
Quota was working with old web-cyradm gui, but unfortunately it stopped to be developed and PHP 7.x began to be an issue. So I had to move to postfixadmin, which supposedly supports cyrus-imapd. Well it works. All users, domains, fowarding, etc works fine, except quota :expressionless: