Self hosted Mail-Server + EMail-Marketing Plataform Docker

Hello community.

Since a few days I am wondering about build a consistent MailServer and EmailMarketing plataform using such services like IRedAdmin and Email marketing plataforms like MailTrain, both using Docker so finally use some kind of load balancer or similar that solves high load problems.

I open this topic to ask about what do you think about this idea and what would be the best way to accomplish it.

Regards, have a very nice day,afternoon or evening.

I don’t why the Linux community is so keen on using Docker. I always avoid it when possible. You might think it’s easy to deploy an application using Docker, but your server will become messy after several Docker containers are up and running.

I once deployed a web application using Docker, then the project switched to non-Docker, and I can’t upgrade the web application to the latest stable version.

Instead of using Docker, why not create shell script to ease the deployment?