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Setting up a mult domain email server

I have an Ubuntu desktop with postfix installed. But I want to set this PC up to run continuously as a mail server that can then be accessd by local PC’s running outlook. Is there a blog that shows how to do this?
I will eventually want to get all my DNS servers pointing the various domains into this server and allow users to read their own emails from their outlook clients.
I want to run the ubuntu machine purely as an email server so it will not have users running other software etc (only security programs and firewalls).

If you search there are many many tutorials for that. I personally use:
CentOS+Postfixadmin+Postfix+Cyrus-IMAP+MariaBD for it.

So, first of all you have to decide your topology first, like, are you going to use LDAP or SQL integration? Milters? what should I use? etc


Hi Maximus,
I am a newbie at this so I am learning on the job (so to speak).
What is the difference between LDAP and SQL?
Which works best with other PC’s running Windows and Outlook?
I want Windows 7 or 10 PC’s to use Outlook to pull the emails from this email server. Which is best for that?