Backup Solution


Coming from windows world I’m slowly transitioning to Linux (ubuntu). I have now created my first email server, not perfect but functional using the tutorials I found here.

On my windows server 2012 which runs an email server and IIS, I’m using EaseUS ToDo backup software with a full image backup and then incremental backups on a daily schedule to an external usb attached hard drive.

I’m struggling to find a backup solution like I’m using on my Windows Server for Linux. There are plenty of free versions but I find by testing a few on a virtual machine they are not working as I expected (speed). I tried Clonezilla which made a complete image of the server quite quickly, however it does not make any incremental backups.

Would you have any suggestions on a good backup software solution, paid or free?

Your help would be much appreciated.



I have never used it, but you can try WereSync.

Advantages over Clonezilla:

  • Supports incremental backup.
  • Works without shutting down the OS.
  • Can copy to a smaller disk

Thanks, for your suggestion. I may possibly give it a try. I am currently trying out Veeam agent for linux.