CentOS Linux is dying!

centos will stop update on end of 2021, and centos7 is end of 2024.

I think it will be influenced many small / medium size IT companies.

What do you think we should go prepare for this change (Mainly for DevOps)?
Should we going to buy the Red Hat Enterprise licenses?
Or we should practise on Ubuntu PLUS seLinux module?

All I can say is I am happy to be off centos and onto ubuntu :slight_smile: Much more information out there, etc…

But if you on CentOS it will be ok for quite a few years before you definitely need to migrate to something else. And Ubuntu is brilliant. So is Fedora and Debian

Alma Linux first stable version is out. An open-source RHEL fork built by CloudLinux.

Hi @LinuxBabe

I just have a question : why people do not go for RHEL ? I really wonder why there’s a fork from RHEL as long as have the most stable Gnu/Linux OS, RHEL now offers Free 1 License for 16 Server

And It’s Price became not expensive as before.

Personally I use it even on my own servers :slight_smile:

Because Rocky Linux and Alma Linux announced a free alternative long before RHEL became free for 16 servers. And they do not have a limit of 16 servers.

It’s also better to have an alternative just in case Red Hat does something bad in the future.

Read the following article to learn how to migrate to Alma Linux/Rocky Linux.