Diaspora-Host a private pod

I’m very interested in setting up my own private diaspora pod that won’t be available to the public but will mostly be used by my family friends and extended family and friends. I’ve never been a facebook twitter user, I just can’t get behind how their platforms are leftist policy driven. I do most of my walkthroughs from this site, b/c I’m a hardcore ubuntu user. (mostly ubuntu server). I’ve read through the “Host your own pod” on the diaspora site. Are their any nuances that maybe aren’t mentioned for the installation of a pod and setting it up for private use?
I run an Ubuntu server 18.04 with nginx for a current Nextcloud 16 setup. At the moment Nextcloud isn’t quite equipped to be my Google+ replacement that my family and friends used for a private space with little to no company oversight on private spaces. So diaspora seems to be a good place to go to because it has some Nextcloud integration I like.

I actually have no experience in running a diaspora* pod. I know there is a diaspora-installer package in Ubuntu repository, which makes it easy to set up Diaspora pod.