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Email Server Config Question

I have setup an email server with Postfix, Dovecot and Postfix Admin. My goal is to use GMail and Google Calendar for email and calendaring.

I don’t want to create email aliases in Postfix Admin because they will just be “forwarded” to GMail and when I reply to email it will appear to come from Gmail, not my personal domains.

Should I just configure my gmail account to pull the email from my email server via POP3?


I’m not sure I can help, (this just might be advice) but please allow me to ask a question:
What are you trying to accomplish?
Years ago when I used “cloud” services I used gmail and POP3 so copies of the email sat on my laptop, and phone, so if my device had no net access I had an offline copy.
Would that solve your problem? Simply using a mail client with POP3?
If you really want those features and you have port 25 open, use the iredmail tutorial here, and then with your device do a setup for exchange. That allowed me to setup a client device in 10 seconds.
My mail, calendar, contacts, and notes were synced instantly, and privately.
Just my 2 cents, I hope it helps.

My goal is to use GMail and Google calendar with my personal domain. This worked when I paid for hosting and I’ve been in the process of building and configuring my own server now. It’s fun and much cheaper, by more than half.