Error no space left

I followed the post:
To do this, I prepared a virtual machine with Linux 18.04 server operating system, a 512GB hard drive, 16GB of ram and 8 cpu. I tried to import the map of Europe, but when I run the command of step 5 “osm2pgsql …” I get this error:
Ubuntu 2.1
This is the situation of the HD:
Ubuntu 2.2
Now I’m not a Linux expert but it seems to me that there is space on the HD.
Can any expert user help me?

Hi rmoggia,
I took a look at that guide and some questions I found on stackoverflow.
Many are using disks way bigger than the one you are using: seems like the files are being inflated with the imports, and end up consuming a lot of space. I am not sure your 512 gb ca be enough, also because as we can see in your df -h output, the biggest continuous partition you seem t have is just 155 free gigs.
You should try reformatting your device to have one partition be the biggest you can, and maybe buy some more space to be free to move. Also check solution posted here:

and here
Please check the command being used by the guy from the second post and be sure you are using all the correct command options.
You could also search for the query osm2pgsql "no space left on device" on google (remember the quotes!) to have many interesting results and to check other people encountering this problem

Cheers and use Linux!