Haproxy smtp imap

I begin by saying thank you for your tutorials
I made a mail server with your explanation with iredmail on ubuntu and it works at
perfection I have been using it at home for two years I have an ADSL with public ip and therefore everything is ok

then I have another line where I wanted to do a second mail server and where i don’t have public ip so i wanted to do haproxy imap smtp

now I wanted to do haproxy SMTP IMAP and for 15 days I have been trying without success

or better if I use Roundcube it goes both sending and receiving mail to Gmail and other mclinks etc …

but when I try to use thunderbird error cannot contact SMTP server

or saw the log in /var/log/mail.log

using roundcube he makes the connection with localhost [] Anonymous TLS connection
established from localhost []: TLSv1.3 with cipher …

the mail is sent

when i use thunderbird it connects with connect from unknown []
SSL_accept error from unknown []: -1
warning: TLS library problem: error: 1408F10B: SSL routines: ssl3_get_record: wrong version number: …/ ssl / record / ssl3_reco

and does not send the email

or understood that the problem is the change from localhost to unknown

something must be added in / etc / hosts on the hapro server side and on the mail server side

then I wanted to ask you but hostname must be the same both on the haproxy server and on the iredmail server

and finally when you say add a mx record but if one already exists I have to put two and how?

thanks again for existing

LINUX was there, there is and there will be

Okay, I admit the HAProxy configs are too complicated for most users. I have written a new tutorial on setting mail proxy server with VPN port forwarding, which is way easier than HAProxy. I highly recommend using the VPN port forwarding method.