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Help - Dual boot

Hi everybody,

I’m asking some advice and some help.

So, last august I bought a hp Pavillon - 15cs3013np, to substitute my old and now malfunction Toshiba Tegra 940.

Anyway my HP is with Windows 10 home Edition installed. So I tried to make a dual boot but no chance, no way. I’m just tired of seeking and trying all the solutions. I miss the time where there was no UEFI or sort of. Real mess.

(the help part)

  1. Where can I find a real working step-by-step solution? HP doesn’t care: it doesn’t support other OS that weren’t pre installed.
    the advice part)
  2. Is it any way dangerous to format all the machine and use it all with Linux? Anda can I go back if something wrong?

Please help - I miss my Ubuntu…(and no, I don’t want to use a Windows Virtual Box to use it)

Best regards you all.

I would do #2, Ubuntu only. Windows is a security nightmare. No, you cant go back.
All your data will be deleted, make sure you have a backup of your data before you continue.
Download the version of Ubuntu you need and put it on a thumb drive using a boot loading program, LinuxBabe suggests these 5 programs
I use Balena Etcher I probably need to switch.
make sure that bios allows boot from usb. (i use F2 to enter my bios)
put thumb drive in and reboot, follow on screen instructions

for #1 this link

Hi Duffman and thankyou.

For the #1 I managed with the uefi settings, thank you.
For now I’m absolutely happy.
Maybe if this config goes wrong, I’ll use your advice tor the #2.

Thank you again for your care.

Hi all.

Now it works. The good, it really works.

The not so good: every time windows updates, grub disappears. The solution a UEFI reset made at the windows command line.

To do that, open the command line with administrator privileges and run the following command.

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

(thanks to Techwiser article " How to Fix Grub After Windows 10 Upgrade",

Thank you all.

Looks like you are not doing it the right way. I never have to restore Grub when dual booting Linux and Windows in UEFI mode.

I think I should write my own guide to dual-booting.

That would be helpful. Thank you LinuxBabe.

Yes, can you please do it?