How to host wordpress in a Ubuntu that already has Modoboa

Hi all… I just finish setup email servers by follow these tutorial

  1. Modoboa Email Server setup
  2. Modoboa Multiple Domain

Its work perfect with two mail service domains, eg…
domain 1

domain 2

How can I setup wordpress listen to and within the same server so I can use it for my websites?

After installing Modoboa, you need to install LEMP stack.

How to Install LEMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 Server/Desktop

Then install WordPress on top of the LEMP stack.

Install WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04 with Nginx, MariaDB, PHP7.4 (LEMP)

To install multiple WordPress sites, simple follow the WordPress tutorial again for the second domain.

PS: If you run WordPress and Modoboa on the same server, it’s recommended to use a server with at least 4GB RAM.

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A+ Thanks, was looking to do this after following your Modoboa on Ubuntu instructions. Has been working like a charm! If you know how to properly upgrade Modoboa properly I’d love a link! The website is way too complicated for me.