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How to install Prosody IM together with existing Jitsi Meet installation?

Hi LinuxBabe,

Thank you for the great tutorial on installing a Prosody server at

I am trying to get a Prosody XMPP server running for instant messaging. My issue is that I already have an existing Jitsi Meet installation running on Ubuntu 18.04 with its own instance of Prosody. I have tried following your tutorial and adding a new virtual host with its own LetsEncrypt cert and adding the necessary DNS A record. However, when I test with any XMPP client eg. Pidgin, no connection can be made.

Ports 5222 and 5269 are opened in the firewall.

What am I missing? Searching online for similar setups have yielded almost nothing so I am hoping I could get some pointers here.


I just applied the Prosody XMPP guide after a Jitsi Meet installation. It works without any problems.

There’s an error log /var/log/prosody/prosody.err . If Prosody isn’t working as you expected, the error log is a good place to check.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, there are no entries in prosody.err or other Prosody or Jitsi log files. I’ll continue to investigate.

I have the same problem and wonder if there is any tutorial "Prosody XMPP guide after a Jitsi Meet installation? I am a newbie in Linux and couldn’t figure out what is wrong.