Move window control button to right (Unity Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04)

Hi good morning , since 7 years I have install unity with an other version! Yesterdays I have install ubuntu -unity 18.04Lts without problem, except one, every windows the buttons are on the left! But usually I prefer on the right. I have install also “unity-desktop-tool” it’s impossible to find the changing position of buttons. In the past I have this solution :slight_smile:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ':minimize,maximize,close’
it’s impossible to changing with “guake” (my new terminal installed)
Can you tell me where in unity-desktop-tool to find the solution for modified the problem windows button ? many thanks :grinning:

Your command can only change the location of window control button in GNOME desktop environment. In Unity DE, the window control button location is hard coded by Canonical. Changing the location requires a patch to the Unity DE by programmers.

OK, thank you Linuxbabe, no chance for me, I’m +/- sure about your answer… I’m not with one O.S. , I have my PC … with 11 OS différent. An other is 14.04 Lts ?? very strange is it? …I have used the terminal typing or copy the command for changing left to right..Incredible…It’s good for this OS :grinning: I have try to find on canonical the solution about this trouble no chance, I can’t find it :astonished: again thank you , see you soon :wink:

thanks for the awesome information.