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OpenLiteSpeed VS Nginx [PHP Projects]

Hello, what do you guys think about Openlitespeed or Nginx Webservers for exclusively PHP projects and Wordpress?

I have saw many benchmarks about how Openlitespeed is better than Nginx in 30% faster for Wordpress sites, but even with that advantage Openlitespeed has only a 3% of the actual Internet Websites.

So that drive me to think about why, and if there is something hide about why Openlitespeed is not being used.

Would love to hear other opinions, about that. I have been thinking about that from yesterday, and I am still wondering for a reason.

Hard to use. Not command-line friendly. Using the GUI, you have to jump around here and there and it’s a bit confusing.

And the performance bottleneck is often in MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. If you don’t have a high traffic website, you probably won’t notice any performance boost by switching to LiteSpeed.